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            1. Meet the needs of enterprises actively, create business card of "application technology"
              Release time : 2018-08-28Source : Shanghai Ege Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

              On November 19th, the 2015 Jiangsu Environmental Protection New Technology Exchange and Product Exhibition was held in Nanjing International Expo Center. There were 250 well-known enterprises and research institutes attended this exhibition, and these participants came from different countries, including Denmark, the United States, Canada, Australia, Britain, Japan and South Korea . Based on environmental governance in key areas, key technology, key products and key projects, the main aim of this meeting was to exhibit and introduce advanced environmental protection technology, products and services. The meeting was a technology exchange platform for environmental restoration and governance, which enabled technologies effective docking of supply and demand, improvement of the level of enterprise environmental management and the promotion of the construction of ecological civilization.
              With the close attention attached by school leadership, the group leaded by professor Zhu Yongqiang, the director of environment department from chemical engineering college, initiative to actively take part in the exhibition. Many pharmaceutical and chemical companies showed keen interest on their technological achievements, especially for the "special microorganism strains" successfully applied in the high-concentration industrial wastewater treatment. Some representatives include the one of Botian environment said excitedly that: We have hardly seen other company that can solve industrial waste water treatment problem by microorganism strains. Many enterprises at the meeting hope to cooperate with our school and solve the problem of industrial wastewater treatment.
              More than 10 academic seminars and technical seminars were held during the exhibition. Renowned experts and representatives of enterprises from all over the world, including Meng Wei, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and president of the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences, and Denis Simon, the executive vice president of Duke university in Kunshan, delivered keynote speeches about New technology for total pollutant reduction, organic waste gas treatment and online monitoring technology in key industries. Teachers and postgraduate students of our school went to booths with relevant theme to contact new technologies of environmental protection, which shows our awareness and action of tracking the frontier of environmental protection technology and paying great attention to the development trend of environmental protection technology.
              Under the new form of the scientific and technological work of "scientific and technological innovation, collaborative innovation and solving the technical problems of enterprises", the science and technology department of the university will, as always, serve the secondary schools on the basis of the needs of the industry and enterprises, actively organize teachers to carry out scientific and technological exchanges and docking, and create a first-class "application technology" card.

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